måndag 17 januari 2011

Marie Liljedahl (1970) on Veehd

Marquis de Sades - Philosophy in the Boudoir (1970) on Veehd

I had only seen Marie Liljedahl's films from Sweden and Yugoslavia. I'm typing during a sunbathing scene I would love to write about. Although its a horror movie with Christopher Lee, it is sexplotation. A scene of her taking a bath beautifully continues into a scene where the two women suntan nude and apply lotion before kissing. She holds the screen as the most beautiful woman in the world.
I donnot know whats going to happen during the film yet. There is also a copy of Veil of Blood, with Swedish actress Marie Forsa from the company. I apologize that the two films were that difficult to obtain in the United States.
Please check my webpage this week, if not tommorow morning for reviews. I'm taking a break from writing the novel full time to watch film. It is on the top half of the screen right now. It has turned to a red filtered scene, more red than Cries and Whispers. The director is panning back and forth an entirely red room as the other actress, in silhouette says "your own blood. She has gone over to Marie Liljedah'ls bed to seduce her and the scene contrast between the two scenes is remarkably erotic. There had been the use of showing pubic hair eroticlly while Liljedhal was in the bathtub, where now she is on the bed and the whole entire room is shot in red.

Scott Lord

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